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ISBN: 0-06-000934-9
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Genre: Nonfiction / Self-Help
Reviewer: David Leonhardt
Reviewer Notes: Reviewer David Leonhardt is the author of Climb your Stairway to Heaven: the 9 habits of maximum happiness.

Depression Fallout
By Anne Sheffield  

     It is no pun to say that reviewing a book such as this is depressing. However, that won't stop me from saying a few positive things about Depression Fallout. Unlike many other books on depression, including Anne Sheffield's own previous works, Depression Fallout is written for the oft-forgotten spouse of a depressive rather than for the victim of the disease itself.

     Sheffield draws on her own experience as a depressive, as well as on thousands of postings to a message board on her web site. It is this interactive nature of her research that brings a unique vigor to her subject. These combined experiences provide the fodder for coping strategies she offers spouses to get past feelings of confusion, guilt, frustration and anger.

      Although it is clear and free of excessive jargon, the writing is boring, which may be comforting to someone coping with depression, but less so to a spouse. Those who know they are suffering from depression or depression fallout will find this book useful. However, as Sheffield herself points out, most depressives and spouses do not recognize depression, so those who could most benefit are unlikely to seek it out.

       It is hard to recommend this book, mostly because it is hard to find or define the prime audience. However, professional therapists and personal coaches might find it very helpful for their practices.

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