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Publisher: Discover Fun Publishing
Release Date:
ISBN: 09731197-0-5
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Genre: Nonfiction / Self help
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: David Leonhardt
Reviewer Notes: The reviewer is David Leonhardt, author of Climb your Stairway to Heaven: the 9 habits of maximum happiness.

Gramma Knows the F Word
By Ted Schredd  

There's a fine line between happiness and fun, a line Ted Schredd leaps over, back and forth, with almost too much glee. Gramma Knows the F Word is about fun. (What did you think the "F" stands for?) Well, okay, some of the language Schredd uses is a bit coarse, so keep the book away from those with tender ears, but generally, it is about feeling positive and enjoying life.

In case you are one of those people who reads only the beginning of a book, gets distracted, puts it down, forgets about it and never picks it up to read about it again, let me tell you that this book is about happiness – a topic I am very familiar with from my own book. In fact, many of the themes Schredd addresses in the first few chapters are themes from my book (I would like to think he had read my book and was so inspired by it that he went out and wrote his own, but that may just be the optimism of a happy person.)

If you are the type of person who actually reads past the first third of the book, you will find that the book is not really about happiness, but about fun, the F word. Ted has chapters on laughing, silliness, sex, chilling out, fun at home and other happy themes.

The cover sets the tone, featuring a granny in cheerleader regalia. Ted's no-nonsense writing style definitely carries that mood through the book, which is further enhanced by his own illustrations – oops, I mean his own silly illustrations. Peppered throughout the book are famous and not-so-famous quotations, which tend to be much more serious than anything else in the book.

Whenever I review a book, I look for some lasting legacy the author might leave behind. Ted Schredd's legacy would be "mind poo", a term his grandmother coined. Mind poo is a generic term for all the negative thinking that keeps us from having fun.

There are many books that could be considered "fun,", books about games, comic books and humor books, but few about fun as a topic. In fact, this is the first book specifically on fun that I have ever read, and it is unquestionably the best.

Pick up Gramma Knows the F Word and have some fun.

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