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Publisher: Warner
Release Date: April 2003
ISBN: 0446679550
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Non-Fiction/Self-Help
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Suzie Housley
Reviewer Notes:

I Am Diva!
Every Woman's Guide to Outrageous Living
By Elena Bates, Molly Thompson, Carilyn Vaile, Maureen O'Crean, Brenda Dela Cerna (Illustrator), Maureen O'Crean 

     Move over, Cinderella, there is a new princess in town, and she is known as Divarella - AKA Diva. Diva lives life to the fullest. Her motto is to make every second count, by treating life as one great big adventure for her alone to explore. The world is her oyster; her journey takes her on a worldwide quest in her golden coach. She is in search of women trapped in a gloomy vacuum of an existence. She will not be satisfied until she brings sparkle, laughter, and joy back into these deserving ladies' lives. With the wave of her powerful magic wand, she saves thousands from falling into a bottomless pit of despair.

      I can't tell you when I have had more fun reviewing a book. Every page was filled with unique activities, containing life-altering substance. I compared it to situations in my own life, finding that I put others' happiness ahead of my own needs and satisfaction.

     My motto has always been "It is better to give than receive." This philosophy has probably robbed me of some of the most enjoyable times in my life. Until I discovered I Am Diva! Every Woman's Guide to Outrageous Living, I was blind to how much time I was giving away to others each day. What I found so fascinating about this book is that it can be used year-round. Also, it focuses on the individual person, instead of setting a cookie cutter mold.

     This book allows a woman to be the Queen of her world--she is even "fitted" in royalty with a feather boa and tiara. Overall, I Am Diva! Every Woman's Guide to Outrageous Living, allows anyone the opportunity to radiate confidence that will help her conquer any hideous monster in her path. This book sparkles like fine wine!

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