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Publisher: Unity Publishers
Release Date: April 2003
ISBN: 0972525017
Format Reviewed:
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Genre: Non-fiction / Self Help
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Jeanine Jones
Reviewer Notes:

Life’s a Smelling Success
By Alan Hirsch, M.D. 

     Whether you choose to relax with a splash of lavender bath oil, uplift your mood with a vanilla-scented candle, or enliven romance with the fragrance of pumpkin pie, Alan Hirsch, M.D. will educate and interest you in the sensual and intriguing world of odors, and our fascinating responses to them, in Life’s a Smelling Success.

     With delightfully unusual techniques, Hirsch teaches the process of recalling information using the catalyst of a particular scent or taste. You will become educated about the olfactory system and the segments of the brain that control our reaction to certain smells, and become knowledgeable of the reasons we sometimes struggle to retain or recall specific information. In a wealth of data, Hirsch explains the reasons why certain odors alert us to danger, and unveils the effect particular fragrances have on our emotions. He touches upon both the positive and negative aspects of odors and their link to disease and disease prevention, as well as their crucial role in the learning process.

     Within this enlightening, informative read, Alan Hirsch’s Life’s a Smelling Success reveals reasons for the booming industry of aromatherapy, proving that our sense of smell is one of the greatest gifts we as humans possess, and is indeed a powerful tool in enhancing and maintaining our quality of life.

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