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ISBN: Relax-1841723819 Vitality-1841723800  
Format Reviewed: Gift Hardbacks with Dustcovers 
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Genre:  Self-Help
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Carolyn Howard-Johnson  

Reviewer Notes:  Rating 5 of 5

Reviewer by Carolyn Howard-Johnson is the award-winning author of This is the Place and Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered

Relax and Vitality
From the Home Spa Series
By Jo Glanville-Blackburn 

Tea Bags and Essential Oils

Expert Reveals Natural and Inexpensive
Treats for Body and Mind

     If you aren't familiar with publishers Ryland, Peters and Small, you'll want to get with it before this gift-giving season. They publish little books of exquisite quality that make treasured gifts. I'm reviewing two today, Vitality and Relax by Jo Glanville-Blackburn.

     It is important to know that Ms. Glanville-Blackburn is an expert in her field. Once the Beauty Director for Good Housekeeping Magazine (probably long after I worked in that same department), she is an expert. Remember, this is a magazine that tests the products it approves for advertising, so she is far more than a knowledgeable writer of all things healthy and beautiful.

      Her expertise shows in these two little volumes. She appreciates a quick beauty tip, a la any women's magazine worth its salt, but she also reveals why a tip works and how to make it work. Her pages in Vitality on aromatherapy are snappy but will tell even aficionados something they may not know. On the other hand, she doesn't leave out any of the "essentials" about essential oils for the beginner. She does an equally great job on therapies for all the senses.

      My favorite pointer: Take a vitality bath. Add 2 lbs Epsom salts and "don't skimp." The author warns that you'll feel "floppy" but promises that you'll end up "wonderfully restored."

      Oh, and wait until you read about her inexpensive revitalizing facial. No $90. face creams required!

     Her companion book, Relax, is every bit as good. Yes! Teabags of the chamomile variety for your eyes! Just pennies for an exquisite pick-me-up.

     The beautiful photos were researched by Emily Westlake.

     These books, only $9.95 each, will be appreciated by many on your gift list. Buy an extra and tuck it into your own stocking. You deserve it.