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Publisher: River City Publishing
Release Date: August 2003
ISBN: 0-9728322-9-7
Format Reviewed: Hardbound
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Genre: Nonfiction / Inspiration / Self Discovery
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Susan Johnson
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One Woman's Journey
By Dorine Rivers 

     Seasons is being touted as an illustrated novelette. After picking it up I discovered that it is easily read in about 30 minutes but affects the reader long, long afterward. Each page is a lovely poem divided into the different seasons starting with spring and the birth of our female heroine.

     As the seasons progress, the reader is treated to glimpses into the life of a special and ultimately interesting woman-often ending with the line "How did I get here?"

     The facing page is illustrated with Polaroid transfers. If the reader is unfamiliar with this technique, it involves 35 mm slides transferred to Polaroid film, then rolled onto water color paper and hand tinted. The results are images that are otherworldly and give a dreamlike quality to the entire piece.

     This was such a very heart touching and moving piece that I immediately wanted to share it with other women close to me.

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