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Publisher: Avant Publishing Co.
Release Date: 1999
ISBN: 0962594113
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Genre: Nonfiction Self-Help / Reference
Reviewer: Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Reviewer Notes: Carolyn Howard-Johnson is the award-winning author of This is the Place and Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered

Talking Correctly for Success
A practical guide to sounding "right" for business, professional and social success
By James A Fisher

Not Latin, Classy English
A Quick-Learn Approach to
Speaking A Dying Language

     From at least the time of Shakespeare, pundits have been decrying the lack of class. Noel Coward did it with such wit that it became an amusing pastime. Lerner and Loewe distilled the concept into speech-both its sound and patterns-in the popular My Fair Lady.And now we have James A. Fisher who makes the same point in an effort to improve matters if we will but cooperate.

    Fisher is determined that we should speak impeccable English for success's sake. In Talking Correctly for Success, he aims to teach us how to avoid the most heinous pitfalls of our language in a very funny book. Thus, he makes it easy to order at a French restaurant without sounding as if we grew up learning to read phonetically and believing the rest of the world did, too. He decries "Slurvian," our tendency to say "Djoo Eet?" for "Did you eat?" He even tackles my personal ear-irritant, the incorrect usage of "lie" and "lay." And he does it in a practical and memorable way.

     This little paperback was originally copyrighted in 1996. It has since gone into its 2nd edition. For very good reason. Even those of us who pride ourselves on our ability to use the English language can learn something from it. It's just as important that if we choose to do it, refining our command of the English language with "Talking Correctly" will be a really fun pursuit. Wit, after all, did not die with Shakespeare or Coward or even with Professor Higgins.

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