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Publisher: Rugged Land
Release Date: May 2002
ISBN: 1590710037
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Non-fiction, self-awareness
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Jeanine Jones
Reviewer Notes:

The War of Art
By Steven Pressfield 

     As an aspiring writer myself, I found Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art to be a generous, timely and crucial contribution to my own process, and to any process in the lives of all individuals, for it asserts that life itself is a work of art in progress. Pressfield’s confronting, no-nonsense approach stimulates an eye-opening recognition of the creative blocks that prevent us from discovering our authenticity and fulfilling our own personal destiny, whether it be writing the next blockbuster screenplay or nurturing new life.

     With conviction, Pressfield tackles each resistance, leaving no angle untouched and no avenue for excuse or justification. He presents an essential reminder of the necessity of staying in our process, come what may, to carry forth our divine tasks, which ultimately affect the collective. He accurately suggests that when we remain focused, there are indeed those mysteriously invisible forces that touch us with insight, ideas, and guidance, opening us fully to our awakening talents, and fate.

     Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art captured my heart, soul, and mind, shaking me into a state of clarity and concentration. As a best-selling author, he shows that his own life’s works speak for themselves, offering hope and solid direction to those of us who have just begun the journey. After reading this penetrating gift to the creative process, I was left pondering the poignant consideration that our creative duties need to be fulfilled, for they are “a gift to the world, and every being in it.”

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