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Publisher: Xulon Press
Release Date:
ISBN: 1-594675-42-2
Format Reviewed: kE-book
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Genre:   Self Help for Self-Injury
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Shelina Emery
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No More Pain!
By Vicki Duffy

      At a very tender age, Vicki Duffy becomes a victim of abuse. Through the years the abuse escalates from rape to beatings. Being young and impressionable, she believes the threats of pain or death if she tells anyone. So Vicki is silent but her inner pain becomes so great she needs to release it. It starts with hitting herself, blackening her eyes. Shallow cuts that progress to so much more.

       Vicki develops eating disorders and endures many hospitals and treatment facilities. She starts questioning her sexuality and reaches a point of suicide. Then one day, she steps inside a church and her life begins to change. Through faith and learning to forgive, Vicki begins to put the pieces of her shattered life together. She has come a very long way in healing, and now takes steps to help others.

      Vicki Duffy is an extraordinary woman. Though it must have been difficult to share her story with the world, I believe many will benefit from it. She endured so much and overcame it all. Vicki has also established a website to help those who suffer from self-injury. I feel I have developed a deeper understanding for something I never really understood.