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Publisher: All Write Advertising & Publishing 
Release Date:
ISBN: 09744935-0-3
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre:   Nonfiction / Inspiration & Instruction / Self Help --- Inspirational & Instruction /Adult/Young Adult
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Shelina Emery
Reviewer Notes:  

What’s Your Motivation?
By Annette R. Johnson

     “What’s your Motivation?” To me this book was more of a guide to understanding the Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart, and the soul. Annette Johnson has put together several topics and issues that may help you do just that. In this book, great detail is focused on the five senses as well. Taste, Touch, Smell, Hearing, and Sight.

          This book would be of great benefit to those who feel they need spiritual guidance in everyday life and living. From relationships to healthy eating, all aspects are covered to help motivate and use the teachings of the bible to understand yourself and others. Complete with a Motivation Worksheet to guide you along your way.

      In “What’s Your Motivation?” I was able to relate with certain things, such as discipline today for our children, and the benefits of giving. Throughout the book, I questioned my own ways and understood a lot more about myself. Although I was not in full agreement with all points made in this book, I believe others with the need for spiritual guidance and understanding would find it enlightening.