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Let Your Goddess Grow!
7 Spiritual Lessons on Female Power and Positive Thinking

by Charlene M. Proctor, PhD

       Many times we don't realize we get caught up in a rut of the same self-destructive routine. Negative influences tear down our self-confidence and shred our self-esteem. Charlene M. Proctor, PhD, teaches readers how to remove these self-destructive obstacles and to have a more fulfilling life. This book is composed of seven spiritual lessons that include Insight, Balance, Resiliency, Your Authentic Self, Abundance, Corporate Soul and The Divine Feminine.

Each one will have you diving deep into you overall life and how you are currently living it. It introduces you into Goddess Power and shows you how by trusting in it the negativity is quickly dissolved and replaced with a positive influence that will make each day one that you will not want to end.

A spiritual awakening of the soul will occur as you start to read Let Your Goddess Grow! The powerful words that are found throughout the pages of this highly enticing book will send penetrating positive energy forces to jumpstart your life. This book is like having a mini spa retreat. It cleanses both your inner and outer being. When I finished I felt as though a warm tranquil light had penetrated my body. I can't tell you when I have felt more at peace with myself. Very highly recommended.

      The Goddess Network, Inc. builds a worldwide community of women who celebrate the feminine principle in their work and home life. Through live and on-line educational programs, women are encouraged to explore their spirituality by having an opportunity to experience, teach, and learn more about their authentic self. Visit their web site at

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The Goddess Network Press
May, 2005
Non-Fiction / Self Help
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Reviewed 2005
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