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The 12 Moon Signs in Love
A Lover's Guide to Understanding Your Partner

by Vera Kaikobad

      Finding true and everlasting love is one experience every person's heart craves. Love is a unique diamond whose sparkle takes hold and captivates a person. It provides a sense of wellbeing and fulfillment in being able to find a long lost soulmate. Achieving this great higher power is often one of the greatest challenges life will ever present a person. Often, we question love because we are not equipped with the knowledge to know whether it is real, or some fleeting emotion that takes us on the journey of life.

For centuries astrology has been used to gain insight and understanding about one another. The universe is full of hidden meanings that can provide us with a treasure chest of useful knowledge. For generations, its hidden meaning has been passed down from generation to generation. Without the proper instruction, its true meaning can be lost and unappreciated.

Each one of us has our own moon sign by discovering what it is and using it properly, the opportunity to find love is close at hand. Vera Kaikobad is a master at her craft. Not only is she a well-known author, she specializes in compatibility astrology and relationship numerology. The 12 Moon Signs in Love: A Lover's Guide to Understanding Your Partner is a true testament to the unlimited talent this author possesses. This thought provoking book will make a wonderful addition to any astrology fan's keeper shelf. It provides an in-depth look at 144 astrological matches. Each one is presented in easy to understand language that will make an expert out of anyone.

This book comes with the utmost highest recommendation. What made the biggest impression on me was how the author showed concern for her readers by making this book their own individual quest to find love. The first step she introduced was the person's moon sign by instructing the reader to go to to find out their own sign. From this knowledge you are able to gain a greater appreciation for all this book has to offer. For those who think they have found true love, this book will guide you to the answers you seek. It will also be beneficial to those who are still searching, for with it you will be prepared for what the future stars have in store for you. To say this author has made an impression is an understatement. I anxiously await the next installment of what her fountain of New Age knowledge has to offer. Very highly recommended.

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Dog Ear Publishing
July, 2005
Non-Fiction/Self Help
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Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2006
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