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The Confident Woman
Start Today Living Boldly and Without Fear

by Joyce Meyer

      "What is confidence? I believe confidence is all about being positive concerning what you can do - and not worrying over what you canít do." Joyce Meyer, The Confident Woman

Joyce Meyerís latest book is written specifically for women. Her guidance is intended to help them become confident beings. She sets the record straight on equality, presents scripture to prove God used women in the old church, and reveals the seven secrets of the confident woman - and thatís just the beginning.

In the introduction Meyer points out "women are a precious gift to the world" created from "Adamís side, not the bottom of his feet." "Women and men need each other" and "complement each other." Women were not created to be used or abused by man. Equality in society and church is a brave point for any Christian woman to make. Meyer wisely gives more than enough scripture, especially in the section "Women in Ministry, a God Ordained Tradition" to back up her points.

When she says "The key to peace between the sexes is balance," womanís lib isnít her speech. A stronger society and church is; and the only way to accomplish this is by allowing everyone to give their best without the man-made legalism normally attached to organized religion.

I recommend The Confident Woman to any woman - Christian or not. Itís a tender reality check on the biases that continues in society and churches and how to find the confidence in overcoming them, as well as many other issues. Any woman looking to discover an equal walk in God and in society needs The Confident Woman.

Audio version is read by Pat Lentz. Her calm voice boldly leads women down a path of discovery and growth, no matter their age. Itís an inspirational listen that can be shared with females as young as 13.

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Hachette Audio
September 5, 2006
Audiobook (abridged CD) / 5 CDs/ 6 hrs
Religion-Inspirational - Self Help
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Reviewed 2006
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