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The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet:
An Innovative Program for Ridding Your Body of Acidic Wastes

by Felicia Drury Kliment

      Do you suffer from diabetes, fibromyalgia, or obesity? If so, your doctor may have already changed your diet or prescribed medication. What else can you do to take charge of your health? Author Felicia Drury Kliment finds that health problems arise from an imbalance of our body’s acid-alkaline nature. In The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet, Kliment details how to improve health with a balanced diet and supplements.

Kliment presents studies that show that acid waste lies at the base of many causes of poor health. In hunter-gatherer times, people ate raw foods with little reports of the illnesses plaguing us today. Now our foods include processed foods, chemical additives, and increased sugar. Triggers cause acid production overload, which cannot be easily dumped by our organs. Our bodies work well with a balanced acid-alkaline diet.

Determining which food to eat for a balanced diet, or which supplements to take depends on an individual's metabolic type. How can you find your type? Kliment provides a simple test to find out if you're grain eating, meat eating, or balanced.

Can eating raw foods help weight loss? According to Kliment, raw foods easily convert into the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. Any excess is dumped. Processed foods, on the other hand, produce an excess of nutrients, which our body stores in fat cells or turns to acidic waste. Eating refined grains also causes weight gain because the vitamins and minerals have been removed. While many people support a high-protein/low-carbohydrate diet, Kliment shows that eating an excess of meat can remove the body’s calcium and magnesium. A low carbohydrate diet does not provide the body with enough glucose or energy. Kliment suggests many steps for weight loss such as: eating nearly raw potatoes, raw beefsteak, raw honey, raw milk, and butter. She also suggests vitamin E supplements, a blackstrap molasses-lemon juice drink, and the use of coconut and flaxseed oil.

The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet highlights serious solutions for many debilitating diseases including kidney disease, obesity, cardiovascular disease, arthritic conditions, diabetes, and alcoholism. The concepts are innovative since these basics are not generally offered as traditional solutions. If you're suffering from any of these conditions, look at The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet for a revolutionary program to better health.

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June 24, 2002
Non-fiction Self-help Health
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