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African Healing Dance

by Wyoma

      If you can talk you can sing.
If you can walk you can dance.
-- Zumbia Proverb

Dance is a way of life in Africa, for it provides a spiritual outlet and allows the soul to become one with the earth. African Healing Dance takes the viewer on a journey that begins with a brief introduction by Wyoma. She provides an historical context for the moves used in the six African dances she will be demonstrating. She also provides an in-depth explanation of how each move can be found in the simple occurrences of nature and everyday life. Against the primitive beat of the drum as background, she mimics the moves of such creatures as the serpent, bird, and elephant; each guided movement is presented with pure poetic energy.

Once all the basic moves have been shown and explained Wyoma then takes the viewer to the next level, taking them into the great outdoors where the gentle sway of a pine tree and the slight gust of wind sets the stage for an enlightening experience. A warm up session is the first step - one that gets the body moving in a slow, fluid motion that will help prepare it for the dances to come. The primary focus here is to use the breath to feel each emotion as it occurs. It is as though each inhalation and exhalation is a way for the dancerís soul to be released to blend with the wind.

Once the warm up session is complete, we are ready for the dances. There are six dances in total and these are broken into three categories that include the traditional African dance, African-Caribbean dance, and The Healing Journey. Before each dance is shown in its entirety, Wyoma explains the rich culture in which each one is steeped. It is truly a magical experience to hear her tone blend with the centuries old legends.

African Healing Dance provides a very deep rooted spiritual blend of centuries of African culture. Each move that is shown is a true tribute to the beauty that exists in Africa. In this DVD, Wyoma and company provide a spectacular glimpse into the world of dance. This video is assured to be one that will long be remembered. Very highly recommended.

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September 16, 1998
DVD - 1 DVD, 77 minutes, 13 page study guide
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