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Animal Speak
Understanding Animal Messengers, Totems, and Signs

by Ted Andrews

      Storyteller and raptor specialist Ted Andrews has released a new Sounds True audio book of his best-selling New Age work, Animal Speak. If you have ever felt connected to a specific animal and wondered why, this audio book will help you understand that connection. In three CDs, Andrews gives an overview of the place of animals in our lives, historically, culturally, and personally. He offers practical ways to find those animals which are significant to us and why they are important. Through his gift of storytelling, Andrews draws listeners into tales illustrating how animals have been a part of other cultures.

He offers two simple tools for anyone to use when encountering the repeated appearance or unusual appearance of a specific animal in their lives. The first tool is to ask yourself what the animal means to you, and the second tool is to study the animal. Find out about its biological rhythms, its natural characteristics and behaviors, how it adapts for survival, and its relationship to others and to its environment.

Andrews suggests ways to connect further with these significant animals. He says you can create a dance which embodies the animal for you; make a mask so you can meditate on what it would be like to be the animal, or dream about the animal through lucid dreaming.

"Nature is talking to us all the time," Andrews says. He urges listeners to start every day by spending a few minutes in nature, just looking around and listening. In this way, he says, we can discover what nature has to tell us.

Andrews' delivery on these three CDs is amusing and pleasant, as if you are sitting in a seminar with him. The more technical part of his study of animals is leavened by stories and anecdotes which often are comic or surprising.

Unfortunately, this audio version does not have the dictionary of over 100 animals, birds, and insects that the original, indexed text has. However, Andrews does cover several animals, birds, insects, spiders, and reptiles while he offers his advice for connecting with animals in nature.

This is an exceptional CD collection for nature lovers or anyone wanting to learn more about how animals can be a part of spiritual practice. Highly recommended.

The Book

Sounds True
Aug 2007
Unabridged Audiobook 3 CDs / 3 hrs
1591795869 / 978-1591795865
New Age / Self-Help
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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2007
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