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Awakening into Oneness
The Power of Blessing in the Evolution of Consciousness

by Arjuna Ardagh

      In Awakening into Oneness: The Power of Blessing in the Evolution of Consciousness, Arjuna Ardagh attempts to explain a new phenomenon that is spreading among people who are seeking enlightenment. The Oneness Blessing, or deeksha, is given, usually in person, from someone trained to give the blessing, but it can be sent from a distance. It is the touch of divine enlightenment that can heal the body, bring peace to the mind and soul, increase creativity and passion, attract prosperity, and eventually change society and the environment. Brought to the world by two South Asian teachers, Sri Bhagavan, and his wife, Sri Amma, this phenomenon is affecting people in business, the arts, politics, and the ordinary. It is something that can bring people results immediately or many months later.

Adragh fills 200 pages with anecdotes from people who have been affected by the Oneness Blessing. He tries to explain how it works on the brain, and how that then sets the stage for the other blessings of peace, creativity, healing, and prosperity that follow. Like Michael Harner, who explains the spiritual experience of shamanic drumming as the effect of sound waves on the cerebral cortex, Adragh also looks for a scientific reason for a spiritual phenomenon.

I found the scientific evidence slim but interesting, and wondered at our western need to prove that something spiritual works. The reports by people who have been affected by the deeksha, however, were what I expected to hear from people undergoing profound spiritual change. Yet, those statements were intriguing and even a bit seductive. The change looked like something that I might want to experience someday. However, I am always a bit skeptical when a teacher/guru/saint comes out of nowhere with "the answer."

I donít know that Ardagh actually accomplished his goal to explain what this phenomenon is. Let me first say that I have the deepest respect for anyone who is seeking and experiencing spiritual renewal. I myself was curious to find out what the Oneness Blessing was that I kept hearing about and wondered if it was for me. Unfortunately, I came away feeling that I had been reading a book that was offering me something -like a religious tract or even an infomercial- but I had to seek that something out from another source. Many people who read Ardaghís book will take that next step. Iím not sure Iím there yet.

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Sounds True
May 2007
Non-fiction, New Age, self-help
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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2007
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