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Bobbi Brown's Living Beauty

by Bobbi Brown

      At last, a beauty book for women who wish to age gracefully. There will be no plastic surgery or Botox injections for these ladies. With help from Bobbi Brown, now in her 50's herself, women can use advice and a few makeup and clothing tricks to look beautiful in spite of the days they have passed on their calendars.

The book opens with well-known women who have reached that age and are still considered sexy and quite beautiful. Susan Sarandon, Vera Wang, and others give a bit of advice about their beauty regime and views on aging.

However, it is on into the book that Bobbi Brown addresses the problems common to the older woman. Age spots, bags under the eyes, crows feet, and dull skin need not be a kiss of death for the over-40 woman

With a few makeup tricks, Bobbie Brown can fix all the little blemishes age has given us. Then she covers the sensible areas of what clothing to wear to cover what problems, and how a hairstyle can make all the difference in a final look. She even goes into hormone replacement, diet and exercise.

I truly enjoyed this book. The highlights for me were the before-and-after pictures. Would it not be wonderful if we all could have our own Bobbi Brown as we get ready in the morning? But since we canít, her wonderful book will still work miracles.

The Book

Springboard Press
February 15, 2007
0821258346 / 139780821258347
Self Help/Beauty
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Susan Johnson
Reviewed 2007
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