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Caroline Myssí Chakra Meditation Music

by Stevin McNamara

      I canít say enough about Caroline Myssí Chakra Meditation Music. The music, written specifically for two forms of chakra meditation, one for morning and one for evening, is a stunning piece of contemplative work by Stevin McNamara. Originally, McNamara created a version of this work to accompany Caroline Myssí Spiritual Power, Spiritual Practice, audio course. He and a team of musicians recorded a stand alone CD that can be used as part of meditation practice.

The CD contains two tracks, each about a half hour in length. The first is for morning meditation and begins with the first chakra or root chakra, and transitions through to the crown chakra at the top of the head. The evening meditation reverses this order. All of the music is based on the tones of each chakra and uses voices, real acoustic instruments, and even the breath and the human heart. Though some of the sounds have been electronically enhanced, there is no synthesized music here.

Caroline Myss wrote the 20 page booklet that accompanies the CD. Called The Discipline of Daily Practice, the booklet outlines two contemplations, one for the morning meditation, Preparing for the Day, and the other for the evening meditation, Preparation for the Night.

This music spoke to me as I worked through the meditations in the booklet. I found it exotic, but organic and natural. This might not speak to others, but this was a perfect meditation practice CD for me, both in the choice of the music and in the direction Caroline Myssí booklet gave me. I highly recommend Caroline Myssí Chakra Meditation Music.

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Sounds True Publisher
April 27, 2004
CD and booklet
Non-fiction, New Age
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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2007
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