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Celtic Meditation Music

by Áine Minogue

      Music is the poetry of the air.

Through the soft, mellow tunes that radiate from Celtic Meditation Music you can almost imagine yourself being transported to the lush Irish Sea. The smooth undertones that are contained in Áine Minogue’s voice command you to close your eyes and feel the magic as it takes shape.

Celtic Meditation Music is a keepsake collection of eleven beautiful offerings which enrich the world each time they are played. It is as if this audio projects its own special ray of sunshine which brightens your day. Áine Minogue’s heart and soul go into each one of the words that make up this CD. You are able to hear each one beat steadfast.

Listeners will gain a true appreciation for the land of Ireland. Áine Minogue is a skilled harp player. Her talented hands effortlessly glide over the legendary notes to produce a one of a kind experience which will leave all with a sense of true amazement.

This audio is by far one of my favorite Celtic CDs. Whenever I play it, it allows me to gain a sense of peace and tranquility that often the world forgets to offer. For over an hour I am able to experience my own special Celtic dream as I put my life on hold to have a moment of pure joy. Very highly recommended.

The Book

Sounds True
May 11, 2004
Audio CD - 61 minutes
New Age / World Music
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Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2007
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