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Chakra Meditation Kit

by Monte Farber, Amy Zerner

      Monte Farber and Amy Zerner, husband and wife authors and intuitive trainers, have put together a system that can help us connect with the swirling energies within all of us. Their Chakra Meditation Kit has all of the tools to do simple meditations every day that can help us free up our energy centers and therefore have more creativity, focus, and love for ourselves and others around us.

The Chakra Meditation Kit contains a 48 page booklet, an audio CD of guided meditations with music, and seven contemplation cards based on each of the seven chakras, or energy centers. The cards are photographs of fabric collages that Zerner created while meditating on each of the chakras. These images help focus the meditation. The reverse of each card contains a simple affirmation about the quality of the chakra. The booklet explains what chakras are and how we can benefit from having them freed of blocks and open to energy from the universe. It also explains how to use the kit, usually beginning our day with the selection of a contemplation card and then cueing up the appropriate chakra meditation. There are also two extra meditations that clean and energize all seven chakras. One is a quickie one-minute meditation, and the other is a seven minute cleanse and energy boost.

Farber and Zerner both use this system every day and attest to its ability to not only help them start each busy day but also to work on issues or blockages that they are experiencing.

Though I found the meditations and the whole system to be very powerful, especially the Seven-Minute Chakra Cleanse, personally, I found the music accompanying the meditations to be a distraction. It is all synthesized music, as far as I can discern. This may not be a problem for others, but I find music very evocative for my own meditation and yoga work and select it very carefully. With this music, my body wanted to move to the music instead of letting my mind and spirit do the work. It should be noted, however, that the music was written to correspond to the sound vibration of each of the different chakras. That was very evident in the tonal qualities of the music.

All in all, I would recommend the Chakra Meditation Kit. It is a vital addition to anyone’s daily practice, and will become part of my own.

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Enchanted World
March 1, 2007
Book w/ CD & Cards
Non-fiction, New Age
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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2007
NOTE: Reviewer Janie Franz is the author of Freelance Writing: It’s a Business, Stupid!, Relaxation Techniques for Children, Relaxation Techniques for Adults; Co-author of The Ultimate Wedding Reception Book and The Ultimate Wedding Ceremony Book. Coming Soon: The Ultimate Wedding Workbook, Get Rich on Love, and Sacred Breath (a sound recording of relaxation meditations).
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