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Choose to be Happy
A Guide to Total Happiness

by Rima Rudner

      Rarely do I read introductions and acknowledgements before I delve into the meat of a book. However, in this case the author intrigued me to disregard that bias. Rima Rudner is a survivor. Many women have endured similar life-changing experiences, bringing them self-awareness, and causing them to live more satisfying lives. Few have then gone on to write a book about it. Choose to be Happy is a statement, which translates into a 167-page tutorial giving women the motivational tools they need to put choice into action. As Rima tells it, "The biggest obstacle to your happiness may be your genes." Her principle, you canít change your genes but you can change your perception, is the basis of her lessons. Her Guide to Total Happiness is a testimony to her personal struggle to overcome her own disappointing genes.

In Choose to be Happy, Rima gives the reader new insights that can lead to inner peace. I will live by her 15% Principle for the rest of my life. Add the "Wait 24 Hours Rule" and you have a winning combination! In addition, Rudner provides a list of razor sharp "Happiness Rules" in the final pages of the book to be used as a happiness factor jumpstart every morning. I appreciated Rudnerís open and honest anecdotes. She immediately welcomes you into her life and makes you feel at home. No judgment calls. Rima Rudner genuinely wants you to be happy. You will never again say, "This is just the way I am" because you can change. You can swim out of your gene pool and you can Choose to Be Happy. Just ask Rima. Better yet, read the book. Itís moving, itís frank, and itís alive with her voice of encouragement.

She has also written The Complete Guide to Decorating Your Home. Certainly, they are opposite ends of the spectrum, but they are both about beautifying and enhancing oneís life... inside and out.

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June 26, 2007
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