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Come Closer
A Call to Life, Love and Breakfast on the Beach ubtitle

by Jane Rubietta


Jane Rubietta has taken fifteen of what she call “come” passages from the scripture and has written an informative and uplifting book about the times that Jesus has asked people to come into his life.

Rubietta begins each chapter with a “come” passage. For example, the first chapter is headlined with this quote: “I come so that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.” ( John 10:10) She then quotes famous people who have used some form of the word. For example, a line from William Kirkpatrick is used for the first chapter and begins, “ I'll trust thy love, Lord, I'm coming home."

Rubietta uses experiences from her own life and others' to illustrate the meaning of the passage. She closes each chapter with a poem (which I assume is her own), followed by another “come” passage, a study list, and another poem.

Basically, each chapter is constructed on this format, but it works, as the stories, poems and passage make the meanings of the passages more meaningful and applicable to day-to-day life. The book is an invigorating read.

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Waterbrook Press

10: 1400073510
13: 978-1400073511

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Reviewed 2007
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