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A Contrarianís Guide to Knowing God
Spirituality for the Rest of Us

by Larry Osborne

      In A Contrarianís Guide to Knowing God, Larry Osborne has written a much needed book for Christians who feel the church has isolated them from the company of God because they donít meet the criteria of church doctrine even though they meet Godís standards.

It is comforting, as a new Christian, to have validation that I donít have to do what other Christians of the church do in order to serve and have a fellowship with God but may, instead, use my unique talents in a way God intended.

Osborne points out many instances where the church institutes rules in the name of helping God. God doesnít need any help. Osborneís main point is that our relationship with God is personal and, as we all know, we are all different. Thus, it becomes clear that our relationship with God will be different, no better no worse, than our fellow Christians.

Osborne also offers many suggestions on how to deal with certain situations such as small group Bible study, dealing with advice seekers who do not heed the advice, and many others.

The book is easy to read and the many suggestions (no rules, no demands) it offers make it a pleasure to read, as well. A Contraianís Guide to Knowing God provides the reader with a healing and learning process. The book should be read by all Christians whether they agree or disagree with Osborneís approach to knowing God.

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Springboard Press
April 17, 2007
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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2007
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