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A World Dance-Groove Odyssey Set in the Key of "D" (for Dreamtime)

by Shaman's Dream

      Music is the foundation on which dreams are built and where dance creates a whole new language of its own. Through the twelve tracks of Dance: Dream: Dance you will be given a rare opportunity to hear sounds that will stimulate and consume your entire body by being able to grab hold of your innermost emotions.

The journey to find oneness will be discovered in each one of these trance inducing tunes. Each one offers its own special blend of poetic ecstasy that sets it far above similar artists. Listeners will quickly lose track of time as they are projected to far off exotic lands.

There is no doubt that magical forces exist in each one of these tracks. The vibrant energy that flows from each one of the sultry tunes is a truly breathtaking experience. You are assured to feel powerful forces take hold of your being.

Dance: Dream: Dance is a musical journey that deserves to be discovered. You will find once you take the time to listen to this audio in its entirety, you will become an instant fan. There is no doubt, the true meaning of life can be found with these highly enticing artists. Very highly recommended.

The Book

Sounds True
February 2007
Audio CD - 71 minutes
ISBN-10: 1591795338
ISBN-13: 978-1591795339
New Age - World Music
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The Reviewer

Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2007
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