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Debt Is Slavery
and 9 Other Things I Wish My Dad Had Taught Me about Money

by Michael Mihalik

      Michael Mihalik has written a simple book entitled Debt Is Slavery and 9 Other Things I Wish My Dad Had Taught Me about Money that will help anyone who is struggling with money, provided the reader is willing to take a serious look at the price he pays for the things he buys. It is Mihalikís premise that we spend our hard earned money on things we donít need to impress people we donít know. Mihalik puts up front a statement that we should all be out for ourselves: a wage earner can not spend more than he earns and expect to feel comfortable about his financial situation.

Mihalik cautions wage earners about falling into the trap of the Giant Marketing Machine which does an excellent job of convincing consumers of the necessity of having the latest things the machine is trying to sell.

Mihalik suggests that consumers equate the price of goods with time, which is the time a worker must spend at his job to purchase the item. After considering the item in this light, Mihalik feels most people will forgo purchasing the item.

The ten tips on dealing with money are simple in statement and concept, but for the person who canít seem to resist buying items that lose their appeal in a month or so, they need to be stated and followed if the consumer is to achieve any sense of financial freedom. By following the authorís plan, the consumer will have to change his way of thinking about money, but will be rewarded with the peace of mind which comes with a solid financial footing.

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October Mist Publishing
February 28, 2007
Self Help / Finance
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Reviewed 2007
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