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Don't Blame Eve
A Guide to Live Your Life Your Way

by Jovanka Ciares

      Don't Blame Eve: A Guide to Live Your Life Your Way is a well-written, educational, inspirational book. Geared towards young women (late teens - early twenties), this book provides education and wisdom women of all ages can appreciate. A must read for any woman who desires self-improvement in her life. The principles in this book are explained well, easy to understand, and easily applied to everyday life.

You can change your life simply by changing your attitude towards your life. The most significant change must come from within ourselves. This book will help to identify how you view the situations in your life. It will teach you what's holding you back and help you to move forward. It will teach you how to begin focusing on a better, brighter future. Simply making a conscious decision to initiate a change in our lives will trigger a domino effect leading to other changes and a more fulfilling future.

Your thoughts will become your reality. You alone make the decisions as to what ideas, opinions and people will be a part of your world. Your external reality is a direct result of your emotional and spiritual self. If they are not okay, your external self will not be okay either.

Wipe out negative thinking once and for all. Accept and learn from every experience you have in your life. Make the best of your present reality while you work to change your thinking day by day to build a better and brighter, more fulfilling reality in your future.

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September 29, 2006
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