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Dr. Gott’s No Flour, No Sugar Diet
The Simplest Way to Lose Weight

by Peter H. Gott, MD with Robin Donovan

      Dr. Gott’s no secret to weight loss book, Dr. Gott’s No Flour, No Sugar Diet, is about as simple as they come. The lessons he teaches are ones we all learned early in life through our parents, doctors, and even in song. Remember Melanie’s No White Flour, No Sugar tune?

Dr. Gott tells us simply from the first line in his book, "My No Flour, No Sugar Diet is not a magic pill, rather, it is a sensible way of eating that you’ll find easy to adopt, inexpensive, and simple to maintain for the rest of your life."

Now that’s the kind of diet we all want to follow; no extreme food list or hard to follow plans, no distasteful foods or hard to find labels, just the facts. It is really that simple.

If you follow this sensible eating and exercise plan, Dr. Gott promises you will lose those unwanted and unneeded pounds, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. To make it even easier, he includes easy to-follow recipes, in the back of the book, that include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also included is a daily planner. Dr. Gott insists that if you stick to his diet plan you will get rid of saturated fats and high calories, and still get all the nutrients you need for long-term health. This simple plan will eliminate the yo-yo effect and you will keep the weight off.

I finished the book and I have started the diet. Bread and sugar are my downfall, but I can do without them and the weight, too.

If you are tired of the same old fad diets and want to get back to basics, read Dr. Gott’s book. It will give you new insight into an age-old problem. It is inspiring and informative and you will walk away with a new lease on life and a newfound determination to succeed.

Dr. Gott has a general practice in rural Connecticut and is the author of America’s most popular medical column, "Ask Dr. Gott."

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January 22, 2007
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