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Dr. Quantum Presents
A Userís Guide to Your Universe

by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf

      If a particle is not a wave and a wave is not a particle, how can light be both a particle and a wave? A science major will devote a lifetime to resolving the contradiction; a liberal arts major will nod to acknowledge the profound koan.

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf stands at the intersection of these two worlds, a physicist drawn to ancient spiritual traditions. In this lively and engaging audio course, the personable Dr Wolf examines the possibilities for a marriage between quantum physics and mysticism.

He begins with a user-friendly introduction to the development of quantum physics and key theories. With basic terms and concepts defined, Wolf moves on in the subsequent sessions to examine space-time with a concise explanation of relativity, light speed, and the Twin Paradox; to speculate about the nature of consciousness, mind and matter, dreams, parallel universes, and the possibility and implications of time travel; to ponder the nature of God and of the soul; and to investigate a world where things exist and donít exist at the same time and in the same place. Does quantum physics confirm what mystics have always told us - that we create our world and even ourselves? According to Schrodinger and Heisenberg, the observer has a powerful effect on quantum particles; or, in Wolfís charming paraphrase, "Thinginess emerges from our acts of observation."

Drawing on the wisdom of yogis and Yogi Berra, Dr. Quantum Presents a Userís Guide to Your Universe flows smoothly, tying together similarities from a multitude of belief systems and scientific theories. Wolf manages to convey the essence of complicated physics without condescension and, throughout the sessions, he maintains a respectful tone toward both science and mysticism. His enthusiasm and fascination with his subject carry the listener along on a journey into magical realms, making the 7-plus hours of "wisdom, lucidity, and humor" on these six discs zip by at... well, at light speed.

The Book

Sounds True
June 2005
Audiobook (available in CD or download formats)
New Age / Science
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Deborah Adams
Reviewed 2007
NOTE: Reviewer Deborah Adams is the Flair and Macavity Award winning author of the Jesus Creek Mystery Series: All The Great Pretenders, All The Crazy Winters, All The Dark Disguises, All The Hungry Mothers, All The Deadly Beloved, All The Blood Relations, and All The Dirty Cowards. She was also an Agatha Award nominee for Best First Novel.
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