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Earth Magic
Sacred Rituals for Connecting to Nature’s Power

by Starhawk

      Starhawk has put together a most comprehensive guide to earth-centered spirituality in her 4 CD collection called, Earth Magic: Sacred Rituals for Connecting to Nature’s Power. Disc One begins with a detailed history of the origins of Goddess religions around the world. Starhawk explains the how much of this knowledge was lost due to persecutions during the Middle Ages and into the 1700s, and how it was later revived.

Disc Two turns to a discussion of the nature of paganism or the beliefs that grew out of this early connection with nature. Starhawk delves into the ethics of the use of these practices and how they can help us connect with our more primal, natural selves.

In Disc Three, Starhawk continues the discussion about connecting with nature, but also offers exercises and examples of various practices. Starhawk’s grounding exercise is a classic way to begin meditation.

Finally, Disc Four presents a smorgasbord of exercises to try that will help the listener learn to meditate and connect with nature. One in particular is a 21 minute guided drum journey.

Earth Magic: Sacred Rituals for Connecting to Nature’s Power is like having a personal, one-on-one spiritual retreat with Starhawk in your own home, anytime you wish. She gives you tools to help with your own meditations and inner journeys. She explains how these tools work and how to use them.

Starhawk demystifies the woo-woo that often accompanies discussions about earth-based spirituality and magic. Organized religion calls these tools prayer and meditation. Science chooses to call them something else, but the mechanism involved in trance work is similar to biofeedback and other stress reduction methods. Whatever you call them, these tools can help us feel less fragmented in an urban society and can help us connect with our own selves and the environment around us, even if we are in an urban area. There is always sky and air and water and fire, and earth can be found in stone and crystals.

No matter where we are, there are ways to connect with nature, and Earth Magic: Sacred Rituals for Connecting to Nature’s Power is an excellent resource for doing so.

Highly recommended!

The Book

Sounds True Release
April 30, 2006
Audio book - 4 CDs (4.25 hours)
ISBN-10: 1591794153
ISBN-13: 978-1591794158
Non-fiction, New Age spirituality
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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2007
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