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Emotionally Engaged
A Bride's Guide to Surviving the "Happiest" Time of Her Life

by Allison Moir-Smith

      No matter what your age or gender, or how many trips to the altar or imploded engagements, Allison Moir-Smith's Emotionally Engaged is a must read if you’re planning to be or have recently been married. With today's custom of starting a career and then walking down the aisle after a period of independence, many people still honor the time-tested wish to find a partner and marry. But many ask themselves, how I can enter into this love partnership and still retain some sense of my own identity? It's easy, and the sooner you read this new book, recently published in paperback, the better you'll feel about your love, wedding, and future.

I especially liked the chapter: "The Girls: Keeping Your Single Girlfriends Close." Evolving from me to we can encompass some serious reorganization as you and your near-husband blend your lives, families and friends. Ms. Moir-Smith outlines how to transition those all-important girlfriends who have been a large part of your life, and should stay that way if they're married or single. This excellent book should be one of the first gifts anointed bridesmaids, mothers or mother in-laws to be, wedding planners, pastors, priests or rabbis should give to the recently engaged -especially those sincerely wishing the bride her best as she takes the steps to marriage.

The Book

January 2007
ISBN13: 978-0452288034
ISBN10: 0452288037
Non-Fiction / Psychology
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Mark Nash
Reviewed 2007
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