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The Energetics of Healing

by Caroline Myss

      Each of the seven chakras references different dimensional planes. It is a turnstile that leads us into different dimensions.

Christmas has come early in the form of Caroline Myssís The Energetics of Healing. From the start of the video, I felt that I was a part of the live audience as I began to instantly absorb all the insightful information Caroline Myss related in in-depth detail. These two DVDS capture a live workshop that Myss filmed on the subject of Energetic Healing. She does one of the best explanations I have yet to see on the seven chakras. Disc 1 covers the topics of the chakra centers and goes on to explain the first, second, and third chakras. She concludes with showing how we can each work with these chakras to restore our energy bank.

On the second disk, the viewer will discover the remaining chakras (fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh). She concludes this wonderful program by showing ways we can perform daily practices to keep our energy bank full and our chakras aligned.

Time seemed to stand still as all my focus was glued to the powerful words Myss provided. This DVD was a once in a lifetime unforgettable experience, for it allowed me to gain a better understanding and education about how essential it is to have our chakras balanced.

The guidebook that accompanied this DVD collection is a wonderful tool to reenergize all that you discovered in the DVD. It allows for a quick, refreshing jolt when you find that you donít have time to view the video.

Caroline Myss is a woman I greatly admire. Having read and reviewed several of her titles, I can attest to her effectiveness. I consider each new offering from her as a unique privilege. For anyone new to the healing process this is the name you need to start your collection with - her advice is priceless! Very highly recommended.

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Sounds True
April 27, 2004
2 DVDs, 3 hours, 16-page study guide
New Age
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Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2007
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