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Get Out of Neutral
Manifest the Life Experience You Desire

by J. B. Glossinger, Ph.D.


When I received J. B. Glossinger's book, Get Out of Neutral: Manifest the Life Experience You Desire , I thought it was going to be another ordinary self-help book to put on my shelf. This book, however, had an honest, personal approach I found intriguing. Glossinger starts out with his own life struggle and hints that he has found an answer. He definitely has found something, because he went from a health club sales flunky barely able to pay his meager rent to rising in the corporate world so far that he could retire at 36. But more important than financial success is Glossinger's inner success. He has found a way to be happy and content with his life.

Get Out of Neutral is the distillation of Glossinger's own reading, studying with motivational gurus, and even exploring sacred sites all over the world. The book is part motivational encouragement, part personal reflection, and part practice. Glossinger offers four paths to realization: feel your thoughts, words limit meanings, keep an open mind, and be patient. Working through those is worth the price of the book, but Glossinger goes further. He presents nine lessons that take you from where you are through a journey of self-discovery to where you want to be. Each chapter lesson has simple exercises that he calls “rituals” to help you deepen the lesson and to work though each part of this transformative process.

What is so exciting about Glossinger's teaching is the fact that he doesn't set himself up to be anyone's teacher. He just talks to the reader as if he's chatting over a cup of coffee and dropping insights into life's meaning. This isn't the heavy reading you may find in some self-help books. And it definitely isn't the kind of book or process that requires you to be at rock bottom and desperate for anyone dropping you down a line of hope. Glossinger's process can work for anyone, even those who just need a way to set goals that actually fit their circumstances.

If you're looking for life direction, pour yourself a cup of coffee and have a chat with Glossinger in Get Out of Neutral .

The Book

Borderlands Press
March 2007

10: 188032587X
13: 978-1880325872

Non-fiction, self-help

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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2007
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