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Gifts From The Soul:
360 Ways to Enter the Dream

by Connie Kaplan

      "Dreams are love letters from the soul, reminding you of your encounter with truth."
†††† - Dr. Connie Kaplan

Through our sleep we are able to enter into a world which shows us the direction our lives need to travel. Dreams are a deep re-evaluation that sends us subconscious messages to help guide each one of us on the journey we know as life.

Gifts From The Soul: 360 Ways to Enter the Dream is a true and lasting tribute to all the dream world has to offer. Connie Kaplan celebrates this unique state of self awareness through her one of a kind offering. In this collection you will find one of the most unique set of books ever created. What sets these books so high above any other New Age offering is that each book is hand made by the women of Generosity Inc. They select flowers from their own gardens to grace the covers. In addition, they wax each page and the binding has been sewn together with a loving hand; upon touching them you can almost feel the love radiate from the pages. The page marker has its own distinct and unique stone that will forever hold your place.

Having the opportunity to be able to review the full collection I was able to see how each book fit together. The collection is broken up into four separate booklets. Each one of these books radiates its own special blend of poetic magic. Book one explores personal dreaming, The statements will help show that we are as one and together we should unite to live in peace and harmony. The second offering deals with collective dreaming. This is where you enter into almost a magical clairvoyance that allows you to see into the future. The third book explains transformative dreaming. This is an educational experience which takes on a spiritual level that allows you to discover your true potential. The last book explains philanthropic dreaming where a person has the ability to change themself for the betterment of mankind.

As an added bonus this reviewer had the option to either read each state I wished to enter or to listen to an audio CD. What I found so beneficial was to select the book I wanted to experience in my dreams and then read a few passages until I felt myself drifting into my dream world. I then hit the play button on my CD player to hear the portion which matched the section I had been reading. Through Kaplanís own mesmerizing voice and Keven Brennanís haunting music I was lulled into a state of total relaxation and self-discovery.

I knew I was in for a special treat when I began to unwrap the full book set that was held together by one frail ribbon. Just holding each book and seeing the love and care that went into each one was a truly moving experience. In the eight years since this reviewer has been in the business by far this collection is the most impressive I have ever experienced. It gives me great pleasure to know I am the lucky reviewer selected to have the honor of discovering something so utterly breathtaking. Anyone who has the privilege of receiving this as a gift knows that it is a rare and worthwhile treasure you hold in your hand. Very highly recommended.

The Book

Generosity Inc.
Full Set:4 Paperbacks and Audio CD / Appx 77 minutes listening time
New Age
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The Reviewer

Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2007
© 2006