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Good Karma
How to Find It and Keep It

by Joan Duncan Oliver

      Good Karma, How to Find It and Keep It explains the divine life force that will gather unto the person who practices the Sanskrit or Eastern Karmic actions of doing right by all. Followers can create an untold wealth of good fortune or luck, and they will experience positive things happening to them and those around them, because of the good will that Karmic actions spread throughout their entire lives.

This book provides step-by-step answers to questions about good and bad, and how to achieve good through good thought. It is a must-have for anyone who believes in those forces that are unseen but promoted by positive life actions. The book takes the reader on a journey toward self-enlightenment and the cleansing of bad karma to produce a clean foundation from which to move forward. Oliver answers many of those nagging little questions we find ourselves thinking but never asking about Karma.

The only thing that put me off a bit is that the book is printed in different colors and, for an older set of eyes, it is rather difficult to read through the different color type and background colors. This makes a puzzle of trying to decipher the writing, even though you know very well what the author is trying to say. It is trying on older eyes that are used to traditional black-and-white. Otherwise, it is a good book to have and hold onto for the future, for keeping that good Karma in your mind, heart, and body for the rest of your life. Get it and enjoy it. Pass it around to others who you think might benefit from some Good Karma. It would make a great gift to your friends and family and others who need a dose of Good Karma.

An inspirational though not religious philosophy of life and the consequences we gather into our capabilities by our actions.

The Book

Duncan Baird Publishers
August 26, 2006
Soft cover
ISBN10: 1844833232
ISBN-13: 978-1844833238
Self Help
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