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The Healing Drum Kit

by Christine Stevens

      The Healing Drum Kit by Christine Stevens brings a very different, possibly foreign, tool for healing. Stevens is well qualified to bring this medium of healing. She has masterís degrees in social work and music therapy, and is a much sought-after speaker, seminar leader, and music therapist. But unlike early music therapists who used music-making as a means to help people develop hand coordination or to stimulate specific parts of the brain, Stevens considers drumming as a means of tapping into the inner world. She and others have used drumming for healing, individually and in groups, and even large corporations like Toyota have made drumming a means for team building.

The Healing Drum Kit comes with a 78-page book, 24 cards with different rhythms on them, two CDís, and a 10-inch, pre-tuned Remo frame drum, the kind of small drum found in almost every culture of the world, that even goes back to Biblical times.

Stevens teaches not by drum scores, but asks learners to feel the rhythm and learn through entrainment, the way the body synchronizes itself to the rhythms it feels. The participant also trains the ear to listen to the different tones and understand what strokes make the different drum tones. The second CD also provides an introduction to seven ethnic drum styles. Each has an introduction and a complete drum piece with accompaniment. Included on that CD are three drum circle play-along tracks for those wanting to start a drum circle or participate in one through the CD. Finally, there is a 12-minute guided meditation called "The Ancient Drummer Within."

For me, this kit was much needed. Though Iíve played a frame drum with a beater for years, I have never been able to provide rhythm with my two hands like my son does on various hand drums. Stevensí kit helped me a lot. I can hear the simpler rhythms and can even keep up. The one thing I realize now that Iíve worked with this kit for awhile is that I need a djembe or a doumbek, because these drums have a more consistent tone for drumming the rhythms I enjoy most. I guess Iíll be haunting the music stores soon. So, if I can have some success with this, anyone can - just as Stevens says.

The Book

Sounds True
July 2005
2 CDs, 78 pg book, 24 cards, drum
ISBN-10: 1591792789
ISBN-13: 978-1591792789
New Age, self-help, spiritual
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The Reviewer

Janie Franz
Reviewed 2007
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