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Heal Yourself with Sound & Music

by Don Campbell

      Noted mostly for his bestseller, The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit (1997), Don Campbell has spent the past thirty years exploring the ways music and sound can help people feel better and increase their ability to learn. He founded the Institute of Music, Health and Education in 1988 and acted as director until 1995. He now is Acoustic and Musical Director of Aesthetics Audio Systems, a company that provides specific musical selections to healthcare facilities.

Sounds True's new boxed set, Heal Yourself with Sound & Music, offers the best of Don Campbell's research and teaching. In six color-coded CDs, Campbell presents everything you would want to know about how to heal yourself through music and sound.

Disc One (blue), "Heal Yourself with Your Own Voice," shows you the science behind vocal toning and how it has helped others, then leads you through several exercises using vowel sounds.

Discs Two and Three (green), "Healing with Great Music," divide the work into two sessions. The first discusses how we listen to music and respond to it, the spiritual aspects of music and healing, and how music affects the body. The second delves deeper into how we listen to music, and offers different types of music for specific uses, along with further exercises on toning.

Discs Four, Five, and Six (orange), "Mozart as Healer," give a complete picture of Mozart and what his music can do for people. Disc Four discusses Mozart's work and his place in history, examines compositions and learning, explores hearing more, and offers a conducting exercise. Disc Five looks at audio frequency and perception, along with using music as affirmation and healing. Finally, Disc Six covers how music can touch us spiritually and intuitively, and how we can develop a lifelong relationship with music.

Campbell's instruction is clear and presented in a pleasant vocal manner. He doesn't make you feel self conscious doing the exercises and guides you through each aspect.

Clearly, Campbell sees music as an integral part of our lives and that probably is true, when you look at how many people around us are listening to music every day on radios, stereos, computers, and iPods. This complete presentation covers almost every aspect of music and sound. It offers ways for us to use these tools to help us, not just entertain us.

Heal Yourself with Sound & Music is highly recommended for anyone wanting to dig into music a little deeper and come to a fuller appreciation of it.

The Book

Sounds True
June 2006
6 CDs / 6 1/4 hrs
159179496X / 978-1591794967
New Age / self help
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Reviewed 2007
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