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Holy Yoga:
Exercise for the Christian Body and Soul

by Brooke Boon

      God you are my God, I eagerly seek you. So I will praise you as long as I live; at your name I will lift my hands.

~ Psalms 63: 1,4

The concept of Holy Yoga centers around physical worship of the Lord through prayer, breath work, and movement. For centuries yoga has provided an unlimited supply of health and healing benefits. Christians have often ignored this type of exercise for fear that it help to promote a type of Middle Eastern religion. Yoga originated in the Middle East and migrated to the United States in the 1800ís. It comes in many forms and has been practiced by millions world-wide.

While she was being certified as a Yoga Instructor, Brooke Boon had a miraculous discovery at the same time as she came to know the Lord. He showed her how she could use yoga to introduce Christians to this beneficial form of exercise. She was to be the messenger to those who were hesitant to try this age-old, traditional form of relaxation.

Throughout the pages of Holy Yoga, you will see how it relates to the Christian faith. Sadly, I felt that it tended to be too preachy for my taste. To me yoga's true essence has been as a means to find oneself. What Boon is trying to convince the reader is that yoga and Christianity go hand and hand. Her philosophy tends to "sell" her method to the Christian to make them a believer in this age-old exercise.

I applaud Boon for sharing her story of how she welcomed the Lord into her life. There are no greater words a true believer can hear than that a sister or brother has been saved. This book would make an excellent reference tool for the beginner or for those who seek to have a book that is filled with clear, easy to understand diagrams.

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August 23, 2007
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