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Hudson River Wind Mediations

by Lou Reed

      Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life, brings peace, abolishing strife.
- Kahlil Gibran

Stillness encompasses the body as the music enters into the soul. Each slow and gentle rhythm seems to deliver life-healing breath into every pore of the body. Relax the mind, relax the soul - let the music take hold of your innermost feelings.

Listening to Hudson River Wind Mediations is like inhaling a fresh breath of air. The tone and rhythm that is contained on these four tracks will totally rejuvenate your entire existence. Each one is filled with its own special blend of calmness. You can feel the stress of life seep away as each song plays out as a soft and gentle breeze. The feeling you gain as you experience each one is truly a remarkable experience that will long haunt your memory.

Those who seek a quiet and peaceful existence should definitely listen to this audio CD. Its hypnotic tone allowed me to be able to clear my mind and experience total peace and tranquility. Once I had finished the last track in this audio, I felt as though a bright light of salvation had radiated throughout my body. The music this audio offers will leave a memorable impact that will help improve your overall wellbeing. Very highly recommended.

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Sounds True
April 24, 2007
Audio CD - 1 Hour
New Age - World Music
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Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2007
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