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The Instruction
Living the Life Your Soul Intended

by Ainslie MacLeod

      The reader of Ainslie MacLeod’s book, The Instruction: Living the Life Your Soul Intended, needs to accept these two premises: the soul goes through many lifetimes as it searches to overcome fear and self-interest, and the soul has guides that the reader can rely on to help him reach the life his soul intended.

After MacLeod gives a general explanation of his method, he goes into many areas that the reader needs to work on with his causal guides helping him. For example, one of the first areas that the author discusses is finding the soul age. After giving very clear and direct information and directions (which the reader needs to follow), the author suggests that the reader use this invocation to his guides: "I call upon my Causal spirit guides, acting in my highest interest, to help me to manifest my soul age to allow me to live the life my soul intended." The author makes a key point that many people are not living the life their soul intended - thus the need for the book.

The author came by this method through self-experience. At an early age, he realized there was "something" trying to reach him. By following the method that his Causal guides gave him, he was able to turn his life around and formulate a plan that he says has helped people realize their potential - that is, live the life the soul intended.

Even though the plan is clear and direct, there is much for the reader to do before he calls on his guides. Without the background work, the guides will not share with the reader. This is a very interesting and fascinating book to read.

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September 2007
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