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Itís a Brand New Day
Life Lessons to Teach Your Child

by Donald Leslie Slater and Kenny D. Shaw

      Wake up! Rejoice to the wonderful sights and sounds that the Lord our God has so generously provided. Feel his presence with every moment that consumes your day. Itís a Brand New Day is a celebration of all the beauty the world has to offer. Through the breathtaking photographs that are included with the memorable words each one seems to jump straight off the page into your heart.

The true hearts and souls of Donald Leslie Slater and Kenny D. Shaw shine through every word that is contained in this one book. Itís a Brand New Day captures the true radiance of their love of God. You can almost feel the love fill your own heart as you read each page.

Ideally, this book is the perfect foundation for a parent and child to build upon to get to know the Lord and all His greatness. The companion CD is sold separately and only on the authors' website, but it would make a wonderful sing-along activity to bring the parent and child closer. The music that accompanies the lyrics is truly poetry-in-motion. Once you push play, you canít help being caught up in the words as they deliver their deep, heart-felt meaning.

For anyone who seeks to find the perfect book to introduce God into a special childís life this is the one book you must purchase. You will quickly see how it will bring your family closer together by enriching everyoneís lives. Very highly recommended.

The Book

Outskirts Press
August 2007
Paperback with optional music CD
Self Help
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NOTE: As an added bonus, portions of this book are written in Spanish.

The Reviewer

Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2007
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