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Keep Going:
The Art of Perseverance

by Joseph M. Marshall III

      Life presents us with many obstacles. Some we find are difficult to overcome, others we take one day at a time. It is as though our destiny has been prewritten. Each day is a new adventure that awaits discovery. These challenges we face shape us into stronger individuals.

Sometimes we feel if the obstacle is too great. We question whether or not we have the strength to conquer the roadblock which prevents us from having a happy life. When we are at our darkest moment we must realize there will be a bright light at the end of the long tunnel.

Keep Going: The Art of Perseverance centers around promoting self motivation to keep looking ahead. Joseph M. Marshall, III shares a unique and special part of his heritage. There, heart warming stories touch the heart and provide an outlet for positive inspiration.

The strength and courage throughout this audio is assured to get you through those dark times of despair. Marshall has a rare and distinct talent for sharing positive energy throughout this audio. By listening to each word you are sure to find an enriching experience. Very highly recommended.

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Sounds True
August 22, 2006
Audio CD - 4 CDS, 3 3/4 Hours
New Age
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