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In the Key of Earth

by Marjorie de Muynck

      The earth has music for those who listen
~William Shakespeare

Listen to the sounds that fill the air. Each one holds its own special purpose and meaning. Listen to how they make us feel as we experience them in our everyday lives. Listen, for they enrich our life.

The earth is a magical place where beauty and tranquility can be found. Marjorie de Muynck’s In the Key of Earth is a celebration of the simple sounds that can provide us with the ultimate in joy and relaxatio.

In the Key of the Earth is made up of four tracks, each offering its own special blend of healing magic. The first is entitled Pulse; you can almost feel yourself being swept away by the peaceful undercurrent that fills your body. The next offering is called Light. Like a beacon, it illuminates a place within where you will find yourself; it is the ultimate form of self discovery. The third is my all-time favorite of the four. Called Ancient Aquifer, it will make you feel like you are being projected deep underwater. You find that it is just you against the swift current as it plunges you deeper and deeper into the unknown. The last track is called Breath and it is what keeps each of us alive. The tempo is such that you can allow your own breath to follow the haunting tune and feel your mind and body slow down.

Each one of these sultry tunes is sure to enrich your life. I was amazed at how quickly time seemed to pass as I got caught up in listening to all this audio had to offer. This is the type of music which will lull your body into a deep state of total relaxation. Very highly recommended.

The Book

Sounds True
October 2007
Audio CD-1 CD, 60 minutes
5557782273 / 978-5557782272
New Age / World Music
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Reviewed 2007
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