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Mona Lisa Stratagem
The Art of Women, Age, and Power

by Harriet Rubin

      Harriet Rubin's The Mona Lisa Stratagem is a book full of hope for women over the age of forty-five. It covers ten tactics for triumphing over time. Although the tactics are somewhat vague, this is an uplifting and worthwhile book to invest in. I absolutely loved hearing about great women from the past, such as Catherine the Great and Florence Nightingale (to name just a couple).

This book describes age as a form of wealth. There are many gifts attainable only with age. Older women trump the achievements of youth through development, evolution, and progress. There are many hidden treasures in growing older.

In maturity one becomes less physical and more metaphysical. Our goals then move from the focus of our body to the focus of our soul.

Age consists of all the ages we ever were - two, five, fifteen, forty-five, etc. Stand up to time and gain strength of character. Live in the moment and only in the moment - not in the past, not in the future, but right now, in this moment.

As we age we develop a new reality. Maturity is freedom from our past. If we dwell on the past we become time's slave.

It is our inner essence that radiates beauty beyond beauty. Wear your age proudly as a badge of honor.

Emily Dickinson received her first marriage proposal and wrote her best poetry after the age of fifty. What an inspiration!

Know that much happiness depends on people's experiences of the end of things. A moviegoer may hate most of a movie, but psychologists have found that if it ends brilliantly people will love it

The Mona Lisa is said to be Leonardo da Vinci's essay on immortality. Let her presence become our tutor.

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