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Movement for Self-Healing
An Essential Resource for Anyone Seeking Wellness

by Meir Schneider

To learn of all that Meir Schneider has endured throughout his lifetime is a remarkable and humbling experience. Born blind, he refused to accept that he would never be able to see the world with his own two eyes. His positive thinking, and the help of two remarkable instructors, allowed him to overcome and conquer his disability.

Meir knew that the eye exercises that had helped restore his vision could benefit others. He set out to share his knowledge with those who were battling their own health dilemmas. Through many years of study he perfected the techniques that allowed his sight to be restored. In Movement for Self-Healing, he shares this knowledge with those who are facing similar experiences.

Movement for Self-Healing is an outstanding contribution to mankind. The healing techniques that Meir Schneider has mastered have enabled countless people to return to lives they once thought lost. In reading each of their inspiring stories you will gain a greater appreciation for the miracles Meir Schneider is able to achieve. Very highly recommended.

The Book

HJ Kramer/New World Library; 2.00 edition
April 20, 2004


1932073000 / 978-1932073003
Non Fiction/Self Help
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Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2007
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