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Gestures of Power
The Ancient Art of Ritual Hand Gestures

by Sabrina Mesko

      Speak to me through the use of your hands and I will be able to see you in a new light

Almost 5,000 years ago Egyptian High Priests and Priestesses used hand gestures as a means of worship. Today through historic artifacts and sculptures they silently communicate to the viewer in this sign language. The Hindus name these hand gestures mudra. Mudra is defined as a seal or a sign, a symbolic hand gesture.

Mudra: Gestures of Power is a fascinating and informative video. It provides the viewer with a brief historic introduction that traces hand gestures back to the Egyptian culture. I found this part a perfect introduction to help explain this age-old tradition.

Sabrina Mesko explains and demonstrates each one of the eighteen mudras in its entirety. She begins by explaining the two types of breath (short / long) that accompany each mudra. The DVD is divided into four sections that include: The Mudra Practice, Mudra for the Physical Body, Mudras for the Mental Health, and Mudras for the Spiritual body. Each one offers its own special blend that will help heal you in a variety of ways.

This is a one of a kind video In the eighteen mudras that were presented my favorites included the ones for longevity, recharging, and calming the mind. I was able to immediately feel the benefits of each one.

Mudra: Gestures of Power is a fascinating look into an age old tradition. Mudras are often included in yoga practice, so it is very beneficial to now know what each one means. Very highly recommended.

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