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No Experts Needed
The Meaning of Life According to You!

by Louise Lewis


After being laid off from her job, in her forties, and with no writing experience, Lewis did something most of us would not attempt to do: she wrote a book. Based on the one question people in their forties begin to ask themselves, she asked close friends as well as random strangers to answer the question based on their own perceptions. No Experts Needed The Meaning of Life According to You! is a compilation of the answers she received. And there are many unique answers.

If author Louise Lewis had asked me what is the meaning of life, I would have to say it is taking lemons and making lemonade. That is surely what Lewis did when she wrote her book. No Experts Needed has given new interest to an otherwise meaningless philosophic question:“What is the Meaning of Life?”

Although the question is thought-provoking, the book does repeat the obvious again and again. I found it rather simplistic in its presentation and little monotonous, but I laughed at, disagreed with, and pondered some of the thought-provoking answers she received. I think this book will reassure people who have often thought about the meaning of life, and others it will inspire. And for the rest, it will simply feed their curiosity. You have to applaud Lewis' initiative

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May 27, 2007
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