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Numerology for Relationships:
A Guide to Birth Numbers

by Vera Kaikobad

      For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.
~African Proverb Quote

For centuries numerology has been known to reveal future insights. The use of numbers shows what unique traits and characteristics each one of us possesses. Numerology allows one to discover his or her compatibility with a potential mate.

Numerology for Relationships: A Guide to Birth Numbers is one book everyone should take the time to read and explore. Readers will be amazed at how much they can discover about themselves by just using their birth number. A personís birth number is almost as important as a social security number, for it provides a unique combination of numbers that allows a person to discover their own Karmic life direction.

Vera Kaikobad has over twelve years of experience in astrology and numerology compatibility. She has written Numerology for Relationships: A Guide to Birth Numbers to appeal to anyone who has ever had any interest in numerology. You donít have to be a subject matter expert to understand her clear and precise guidance. No matter what your knowledge level is, you will quickly learn her easy-to-understand technique.

This book contains many fascinating aspects. Some of the more noteworthy topics include how to analyze anyoneís birth number and compare it to their mate potential, and there is a section that parents should appreciate for it discusses how to realize your childís numerology characteristics. No matter your age or lifestyle, you will not be able to finish this book without being able to find something about yourself and a loved one.

From the moment I received Numerology for Relationships: A Guide to Birth Numbers I knew I had been granted a rare opportunity to find the ultimate form of self-discovery. This book allowed me to see traits I would not have readily recognized. From the moment I opened this book I was immediately absorbed because time ceased to exist. For anyone who truly wants to discover their true lifeís potential this is the book you MUST purchase. Very highly recommended.

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Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
March 27, 2006
ISBN10: 1598581414
ISBN13: 978-1598581416
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