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Paws of Wisdom:
Valuable Lessons We Can Learn From Our Pets

by Sofia Steryo-Bartmus

      A dog is man's best friend, right? Just what would your dog say to you if he could talk? Our pets add so much to our lives. The main character in Paws Of Wisdom is Bunny, a dog who suffers from not only an unusual name but also Addison's Disease (also known as hypoadrenocortisism.) The author, Sofia Steryo-Bartmus, uses her personal experience in growing in love with the puppy.

Sure, you can teach a dog a trick, but what can we learn from our dogs? They can teach us all about accepting others for who they are and appreciating what they have. Do you ever feel like you aren't satisfied with what you have? Other lessons include being kind and gentle to all living things, being consistent, humble, patient, being yourself and taking fear out of your life. Just as dogs are loving throughout the seasons of the year, we can enjoy each season of our life. These are just some of the highlights of this book.

Paws of Wisdom is very easy to read and has many pictures and cartoons to enjoy. My 9-year-old daughter read this book in two days. She had a hard time laying it down until she was finished with it. In every chapter there are "Bunny Wisdom" sections which state such things as work on getting along with all kinds of people and when someone is having a bad day, sit close and be silent. One of the funniest pieces of "wisdom" is "if someone looks sad, kiss him in the face."

This is a very enjoyable read for all members of the family; both those with four-legged members and those with only two legs will enjoy this book. There is an added bonus with this book, as there is a resource guide in the back to help you maintain the health of your pets.

I can't wait till Sofia Steryo-Bartmus writes another book like this one!

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Harmony Book Publishing
Nov 2005
Spirituality / Self Help
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Lori Plach
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