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The Sacred Contract of America
Fulfilling the Vision of Our Mystic Founders

by Caroline Myss

The contract that our founding fathers created when they settled America made every man equal and set them on a destined course of freedom from rule by governments that trapped men in the enslavement of suppression. It is this contract that author Caroline Myss believes is at risk today in our nation. But, she goes a step further into the mystical idea that the contract is sacred in intention, and explains why in her audio CD. It is an interesting audio book in this and many other ways.

Myss presents her material to a live audience, which changes it from an audio book into a lecture, complete with audience response tracks. She gives a well researched "behind the scenes" lesson in historical politics, complete with the psyche of archetypes that drove the nation's leaders to create The Constitution. If you are interested in an American history lesson complete with background information you didn't get in high school, this is certainly a great audio for that. In fact, if she had been my history teacher I would have paid better attention. But, I found her tone overpowering and some of the mysticism questionable. When she states that the founding fathers are back and working in the lives of 21 st century celebrities, including herself via Shirley MacLaine's psychic, I became a skeptic.

She makes some intense arguments with overwhelming information and although she makes heartfelt pleas to change our national dilemma (if you believe we are in desperate times) she does not offer concrete advice on how to attack the problem. But then, she is not a Bill Moyer, she is a mystic.

I can appreciate her "calling" to connect fate and destiny and her passion to sound the alarm, but it reads a little too much like "Chicken Little" to me. I recommend this audio for mystic fans who believe and follow Myss's voice, as she's written many books on the subjects of mystic archetypes, sacred contracts, and divine exploration. Adding to her credits, she has been on the best-seller list more than once and appeared on television, including The Oprah Winfrey Show.


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Sounds True
September 2007
Audio CD; Unabridged edition 4 CDs, 4¾ hours
Non-fiction/New Age
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Nicole Merritt
Reviewed 2007
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